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Being an Author is a LOT of Work!

While I was in Florida, I made the conscious decision to move all my books to worldwide distribution. Which created a lot more work for me. But that's not necessarily a bad thing...I've just got to plan my time a little bit better...right? Today was one of those busy I prepare to release Deadly Vision to the worldwide market. Hours of work...but thankfully, the manuscript is off to the wonderful formatter...and soon the book will be available in places it has never been before. I'm actually pretty excited about it!

Tonight, I'm going to actually work on writing. I would really like to get Ostara done by the end of May. Then move on to one of my other books that I'm working on...either Deadly Union or Shattered by Lies. Not sure which yet. I guess it will depend on where the mood takes me.

Last night, I facilitated a class on spirit guides. A lovely group of ladies I must say. And I loved hearing their stories about spirit contact. I'm hoping to offer the same class remotely on Zoom in the future. Watch right here for those types of announcements if you have an interest in learning about spiritualixm and spirit communication.

Next weekend is another event for us. My daughter and I will be in Peru, Indiana at the fairgrounds with items from her store "Foraged Treasures by SaBri" and I will be there with books, tinctures and handcrafted items from my store "Sunflower Acres". If you are in the area, we would love to have you stop by! I will also be doing mini oracle card readings.

I really need to not spend any more time on here today...sorry to make this so short...but I need to find something to eat before I hop in the shower and get ready to go to the grocery store. It's not smart for me to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week...

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