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Blog Post Roulette...

When will she post? Spin the wheel and find out…just kidding…

I like to mix things up once in a while, so if I don’t post on Sunday or on a or special holiday…don’t fret…I will at least post once a week. I saw you lurking around on my page bright and early this morning…around 2 am…all you had to do was wait a few hours.

It’s been a busy weekend to say the least. I took off work early on Friday a few hours to get my green beans in the ground then worked on Saturday morning to get the cabbage patch planted and the watermelon planted. All I have left now is the cantaloupe and zucchini. Which I hope to get done tonight before the rains come again. Then once the rains are passed and we are back to sunny skies again, I’ll make the rounds to check and see which seeds have sprouted and clean the weeds out of the beds. Eventually, I’ll get the mulch spread on the walkways in the garden, but it hasn’t been a priority right now.

Speaking of priorities…it’s time to tackle shearing Lucy. I’ve watched YouTube videos and asked other people who have sheep…the shears have been ordered…and this weekend coming up is THE WEEKEND. Wish me luck! Hopefully, we can bribe her with her favorite sweet feed. And I figure once she realizes she’s rid of those pounds of black wool she will be a lot happier.

We had an issue with something getting into the little chickens’ coop and killing two this weekend. I figured that since the chicken wire had been pulled away from the wood frame, it had to be one of those pesky masked bandits again. So, I baited the live trap with some tuna and heard it snap shut about midnight on Saturday night…to catch a damned feral cat who hissed and bit at me while I tried to release it. Hopefully, it learned it’s lesson and won’t try this again. Next time I catch it, off to the humane shelter it goes.

At least I got a little bit of pool time in on Saturday afternoon. Added some much-needed color to my skin before my trip to Deadwood in just over 2 weeks. Maybe I will get some more pool time this coming weekend if the weather channel is right and doesn’t change twenty times between now and Saturday. Otherwise, I may have to spring for a few tanning bed visits.

Speaking of Deadwood, I had hoped I would have Watermelon Moonshine done and ready to release by then, but it just isn’t going to happen. I’m about a third finished with it right now and even if I were to finish another twenty chapters before June 13th, it still won’t be ready to go. However, I will have sneak preview cards and will be taking special orders with free shipping to your home at the event. So, be sure to stop by and be one of the first to get your copy of my upcoming new release!

I’ve started reading an awesome series by TJ Green called the White Haven Witches. I’ve finished the first two books and have uploaded the third. If you like exciting witch tales, this has it all…from intrigue to fighting demons to romance.

I would also like to recommend a new release by my friend, Ginger Ring. Ginger writes mafia romance and this one takes place in Deadwood, SD. And it has an interesting plot twist! You can meet Ginger both at Wild Deadwood Reads on 6/15/24 or at Romantic Galena Reads on 9/7/24.

Time to wrap this post up so I can do some urgent shopping for summer clothes. Have a great week!

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