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Do You Remember?

20 years ago tonight, 2,996 people spent their last night with their families and friends. Nobody expected or could even fathom what the next day would bring. Our lives would be forever changed when the first plane hit the towers at 8:46 am. Every single one of us would remember where we were in that moment. I know I do. I had gone to work early because I had an afternoon class at Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. I was sitting in my office when a coworker came in and said a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. We all gathered in the conference room and watched as the second plane hit and we knew this was no accident. Then the news of the Pentagon and subsequently, the missing plane which would eventually crash in Pennsylvania at 10:03 am.

We had been attacked by terrorists. 2,996 people perished. All air traffic was grounded. And our country mourned. We said we would never forget what happened that day. I drove home that evening because my class was canceled and it was strange driving past that airport that was quiet. Not a plane in the sky.

As we reach the anniversary of this horrific event, let us all come together as Americans…as human beings…and remember that day. Hold on our hearts the memory of those lost. Hold our families close like we did that night and for the days following. Keep our promise to never forget.

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