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Have Mercy...

Heavens...has it really been since October that I took the time to do a blog entry? My, how time flies when you are having fun...right? And the fun I've been having has revolved around completing Rowena's Song for release. So, now that it is out for all you readers to enjoy, I can actually do something else. Like catch up on things I've my blog followers...

Other than working on Rowena's Song, I did manage to get out and go shopping for a picture frame for one of my prints from Ireland at Hobby Lobby. Who was having a 60% off all their holiday decorations sale. The picture frame...and all the decorations I couldn't resist? Let's just say I saved over $80! And we won't discuss the second time I went back during this sale a few days later. With that said, only a few of these decorations have been taken out of their bags and boxes because I haven't yet pulled out my Christmas trees...yes, that was plural...trees. But this weekend will probably be a good one for doing that! I'll post pictures soon, I promise!

I also co-hosted a book signing event at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, IN as well as hosting two of my author friends at my home the night before the event. Nothing like three like-minded authors chatting over drinks, right? The event went well for being the first year and preparations are already in progress for next year's event. Have you heard of the movie star James Dean? His hometown is one of the small towns in our county, and there is an autumn event honoring him every September. Well...stay tuned...we are looking at having our event that same weekend!

As we get closer to 2023, I am already looking forward to my personal appearances next year. My first one is in Harahan, LA on February 4th and I've reserved my hotel for the event. I'm staying at the Maison St. Charles right on St. Charles Street in New Orleans. And I hope my daughter and granddaughter will be able to join me for some fun in the Quarter that weekend! I hope to see some of my Louisiana readers at this event. It's called Hot NOLA Carnival Author Event and will be held from 1 pm - 6 pm at the VFW Post 3267, 1133 Hickory Avenue, Harahan, LA 70123. I will be there!

It's time for me to start...or rather continue and Christmas gift shopping. And to complete the handcrafted items I've been working on since last Christmas. Sometimes, there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything accomplished...especially after spending countless, mindless hours playing stupid games on my phone or browsing social media. In my defense, I did get halfway through the new Nora Roberts book...have any of you been reading this latest series? The Dragonheart Legacy? Oh. My. God. It is such an exciting read! But what would you expect when you have Ireland, the otherworld, faeries, trolls, dragons, witches...I hope I can get it finished this weekend! (After I put up the decorations...and bake some cookies...and work on some handcraft items)

I'm also working on planning my next trip to Ireland. This time, I think I may go on my own...or perhaps pull together a girl's trip. Who knows? I just can't wait to go back and see more of this fabulous country. And if you'd like to take a trip to Ireland without leaving your chair, you can grab a copy of Rowena's Song at your favorite digital book marketing site. Psssstttt...if you go grab it this month...and email me a confirmation that you did...I'm going to gift you a digital copy of Blessed Be for free! Another special, Additionally, the cover is up for Cover of the Month on AllAuthor and I would sure appreciate a would my awesome PA who is responsible for that beautiful cover! Here is the link:

I have several of my paperback books on sale with free shipping while supplies last. If you are interested, send me an email at and I will send you a list of what is still available!

Okay, my time today is limited, but I wanted to drop in and say hello! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your holiday season and stay tuned, I'm going to do a few stories over the holiday season starting with how the Celtic people celebrated yule centuries ago...

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