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I'm Late Again...

Sometimes, life just gets in the way of doing things in a timely manner. Sorry to disappoint anyone who jumped on here looking for my latest post. But can always go back and read some of my older posts in the meantime.

It's been a busy few days and I'm still trying to come to grips that my dear friend...who was like a second mother to me...gained her heavenly wings on August 22nd. I only hope she knew how very much I loved her. She had been my strength through some very hard times over the years and especially these last few months. I was blessed to have her and I've been blessed to be included as part of her family. For anyone who never got the chance to meet her missed out on a very wonderful woman.

I spent the Labor Day weekend doing much needed fall chores...I started with a two and a half page list and only got about 3/4 of a page done. In my defense though, I'm waiting on my garden shed to get delivered to take care of some of the tasks that require organization and decluttering. It's unreal how much one can acquire when you live in a house for ten years. But, it will all get done in good time because I'm determined.

In addition to the fall chore list, I am also trying to prepare for my trip to Salem next week. I've gotten my witch bells made and have been gradually working on my witch balls (spell balls). I have half my suitcase packed and plans to pick up the rest of my books next Friday from a work colleague who lives in the area. Car is reserved, condo reserved, plane tickets bought and paid for...and last night I booked our tour for the Pirate Museum. One of my fellow human resource colleagues (and friend) is going with me and we plan on making the most of this trip. And I really cannot wait to meet a bunch of new readers and authors that I haven't met before. My gown for the witch's ball came and it fits perfectly. Stay tuned right here for pictures and an update when I return on September 17th.

I have been working on a couple of my books when I just needed to take some recliner time, and I'm pretty satisfied with how both are going. Ostara won't release as soon as I thought it would but I have a deadline for another magickal book and my plan is to release my women's fiction called Secrets and Lies some time in 2024. See, when you are an author on top of having a successful day career, it's like having two careers so it takes a lot of time management.

I've managed to read a couple books in the evening and they were fantastic. If you haven't read Stacy Green's Lucy Kendall crime series, I highly encourage you to do so! The main character is a vigilante PI that goes after predators. My kind of heroine! Check them will not be disappointed!

It is finally raining here after a long drought. Kate...the drama queen redbone...has taken up residence in the closet this time. She hates rain, wind, storms, gunshots, fireworks and loud voices so she has three safe spaces...the closet, the clothes dryer and her inside doghouse below the pantry. She will probably come out at bedtime and take up 3/4 of my bed!

My weekend trip to Joann Fabric yielded some really good fall decor...I swear...I only went to get some thread and sewing needles.'s a craft store...what can I say?

I canned green beans from my garden on Saturday, it's one of those tasks where you can multi task while they are processing in the canner. I'm already planning next year's garden and will set aside some time when I get back from my autumn trips to put out about 100 bulbs...I have daffodil, tulips and crocus...the first ones that will pop up in the spring. I hope to also plant about a half dozen fruit trees in the spring.

Well, it's getting late and I need to devote about 2 hours to writing and another hour to reading. Until next time!

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