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It's Almost Samhain

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day in Indiana. Sunny, very little wind, and just enough of a chill in the air to make working out in the garden not so bad. The raised beds are moved around and a good portion of the garden raked. Picked some of the last green beans and fixed them for dinner with potatoes in the Instapot and grilled salmon steak.

The rain and wind rolled in last night and stuck around all day. One of those days when soup and homemade bread was on the menu. I made a pot of corn chowder, which turned out perfect despite not having heavy cream. And the loaf of bread fresh out of the oven was a good side kick. To top it all off, I made turtle cookies.

The moon was almost full on Saturday, but last night the clouds rolled in and covered all but a corner of it. I was hoping we'd get a good view of the moon and eclipse, but nope...not this time. I didn't even get a good spell in last night because I fell asleep in the recliner pretty early.

Two more sleeps and it will be the Big Day...Samhain...Halloween! Yay! I've got several bags o candy in the car for work tomorrow. Haven't quite decided if I'll be dressing as a witch, gypsy or Elvira or maybe just throwing on a Halloween hoodie and call it a day. Then Tuesday night you will find me at the local crystal shop from 6-9 doing card readings.

Next weekend is a trip to Brown County for lunch and some early Christmas shopping. I'm hoping the weather turns out like yesterday was! You make walking around town pleasant instead of freezing or getting wet. Not that I haven't gotten rained on in Brown County before.

It's getting late and I wanted to be sure to get a blog post in tonight. It's just going to be a short one. I'm going to slip into my pajamas and grab Bill O'Reilly's Killing the Witches and crawl into bed to read for a little bit. Hope you all have a great week!

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