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Will Mother Nature Please Turn the Heat Back On...

It's a balmy 1 degree above zero that "feels like" a negative 9 below. Okay, so the sun is out, but it is doing very little to warm anything up except the spot on the floor where Ruby has taken up residence for the moment. I've said it at least twenty times this past week...I don't mind the snow but this below zero stuff is nonsense. I'd like to cancel my subscription to my preview of the Arctic Circle.

This morning is cherry almond scones with iced tea (don't judge...I'm not a hot drink lover unless it's fireball infused cider). Last night I made a pot of soup and between the three of us, I have one bowl for lunch tomorrow. It was a really easy and satisfying recipe and Keto friendly. I am going to share the recipe right here:

In your Instapot, brown 4 strips of bacon cut into pieces and a half pound of Italian sausage

Add 3 cups of chicken broth and 2 cups heavy cream

Add 2 cups fresh spinach

Add 1 head of chopped cauliflower

Chopped green onion to taste

2 TBSP Italian seasoning

1 TSP garlic powder

1-8 oz package shredded parmesan cheese

Simmer in the Instapot for 3 hours using the slow cooker setting

Yes, this is my own variation of a recipe I found on Pinterest and I served it with homemade bread. It's a good warm meal for winter days like this.

On today's agenda after I get my blog post up is to put away my laundry and start sorting through my book signing suitcase to see what I need to order for Tropicon '24. We are just right at a month away from our trip, so it's time to place my order. I also need to clean the wax off my carry-on bag...thanks to the antics of two crazy dogs the wax melter on my nightstand ended up on my bag. At least it smells nice and cinnamony...ugh.

I was pretty good about going to the gym last week every other day. This week, it's going to be every day and I'm really hoping to add to the 15# I've already lost before we leave for Florida. My problem is sticking with the Keto plan during the work week because I get busy and lunch is on me before I know it and by then I'm so hungry all I want is a big juicy burger or some comfort food. I'll do better this week.

I need to get started on putting together my learning materials for the class I"m doing on spirit guides on March 2nd. It's tucked here and there and everywhere. One of these days, I"m going to get super organized...maybe...I'm really looking forward to doing this workshop and teaching others the things I know about spiritualism and clairvoyance.

Okay, so the washing machine just signaled it's time to toss the clothes in the dryer. Might as well get the chores done so I can sit back down and get some more work done on Ostara. Everyone have a wonderful week!!

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