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Better Late than Never...

Yes...I usually expect a post from me on Sunday...I saw you looking! the title says...better late than never! And I've been otherwise occupied...

It's been a very long and busy few days. With a 12 hour day at the day job on Thursday with plans to take off early on Friday which got thwarted by a last minute meeting...I was off and running during lunch on Friday to pick up things for my granddaughter's graduation and open house. Then, it was home and in the shower with 30 minutes to spare to get ready for graduation. Dinner and drinks after graduation and a late night didn't help matters when I had to get up and rolling again on Saturday. By the time open house was over, I went home to feed the animals and water the garden and flopped down in my recliner with a blanket and promptly fell asleep...long before it was dark. I missed the full moon, so I didn't have an opportunity to do a little full moon spell work that I wanted to do.

Yesterday, I finally tackled finishing the front flower bed, chicken-proofing the green beans and zucchini, planting the peppers, and even managed to grill some pork steaks with potatoes and made macaroni salad. There is just so much to do before I go to Deadwood next week! Like finish up texturing and painting the wall in the laundry room that the contractor patched and texturing the area in the bedroom where he installed the access to the shower pipes. I need to reach out to see when he will be finishing the ceiling and floor in the spare bathroom so I can get in there and hang the shower curtain and towel bar I ordered...I really need to stay off Amazon! I think I've gotten something delivered every day...including the new pool pump last evening!

As far as preparation for Deadwood, instead of shipping my books I think I will just pay for an extra checked bag. You would be amazed at how many books you can get in a suitcase. I also need to take a look at the clothing selection after I check the weather for next week out there. As of last night, it appeared they have gotten storms almost every day and will through this weekend. And it's not gotten much over 75 during the day and in the 50s at night. Looks like sweatshirt and jeans weather I suppose. But, I am excited about going and seeing my wonderful writer friends that I haven't seen since last September in Galena! And to see Lone Star and Mark Chestnutt downtown for the outdoor concerts on the main street. No trail riding this year I don't think, which makes me a bit sad because I so look forward to it. Maybe it's time to get a horse at the house...yes...I definitely think that's the ticket. Just a reminder for those of you who follow my blog and might be in Deadwood for Wild Deadwood Reads...stop by my table and tell me the code word I shared in one of my previous posts and I'll have a little gift for you. Also...for those of you who will not be in Deadwood, you can take advantage of my "book signing special" which I have included below...3 Kindle books...for FREE!

Signing off for now...but check back later this week...I may make it up to you with an extra post...I know you have nothing better to do...

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