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Good Morning!

It's a snowy day here at the homestead...well...a little bit of snow anyway. Yesterday, I opened my Facebook to a photo reminder from 10 years ago and it was of my little Aveo sitting in the driveway with snow clear up to the bottom of the windows. so today is just a dusting compared to 10 years ago.

Regardless, it's an absolutely perfect day to hang out in warm pajamas drinking tea, writing, reading a book, and will probably make a nice meal later. I've got the garden catalog out and am already plotting what I'm going to grow this year. My daughter experimented with growing ginger, and it is already sprouting in the jars, so that will be a nice addition to the herb garden. I'm also adding to the grape arbor then filling the inside with various varieties of mint.

I know there are a lot of negative stories about Temu; however, I have found some really good deals on there and have not had any issues whatsoever. Today's shopping included some lawn ornaments for my witchy flower bed out front, a silhouette for my mailbox post, a lawn flag for St. Patrick's Day, some jewelry making supplies and a tin sign for my front porch...all less than 30 bucks! Two weeks ago, I ordered new rugs for the kitchen and spent less than 20 bucks.

Our plane tickets are finally ordered for Tropicon '24 in St. Augustine, Florida. The Airbnb is reserved. All that's left is to contact the venue to see if I can ship books there. If not, I guess I will pay the luggage fee to travel the usual way. I'm really hoping I have Ostara done in time to bring it along, but I'm on a tight timeline, so I'm not

making any promises. We are really looking forward to the trip to Florida in the middle of an Indiana winter.

Last week, I started back on the Keto diet. There is no reason for me to weigh as much as I do and I' have nobody to blame but myself. I'm down 8 pounds the first week, so I'm feeling really optimistic. And that was without returning to the gym last week. Because I couldn't. I have to wait for my torn abdominal muscle to heal per doctor's orders. I don't mind the Keto diet because I enjoy eating meats and green vegetables...even though there was a day I said I just couldn't eat cabbage one more time this week.

I finally ventured out for some social time on Friday night and went to listen to my neighbors sing karaoke. Two drinks, a shot of fireball, and I learned a valuable lesson, My body isn't used to drinking alcohol these days! (Yes, I'm on Keto but I give myself a 24-hour period every week to cheat) I did have a good time, even though I spent the better portion of yesterday morning with a miserable headache. I needed the social time though. It's been months since I've done anything like that.

Here's a reminder that you can get the first book of my Possum Creek series for only 99 cents this month. My published writing career started with Coming Home, which is Book 1 of the series. If you like down-home, small-town romances, this is the series for you. Inspired by Deana Carter's Strawberry Wine, Coming Home is the heart-warming story of a woman who returns to her roots after years away.

Well, you wonderful readers...I'm going to get around and get some laundry done so I can spend the rest of the day doing other things. Have a wonderful week!

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