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Lazy Days

Work has been extremely stressful these last couple weeks. One thing I will never understand is why a company would go in to "fix" something that wasn't broken to begin with. There is nothing more frustrating than your own job being made more difficult by a process that they said would "help" you. That is why I have been taking a couple of lazy days this weekend.

Yesterday, we went over to the crystal shop and I grabbed some of Magick by Moonlight's hibiscus face cream and some blood moon tea. Then we went to Jefferson Street BBQ for lunch. My goal was to get a bowl of their awesome white chicken chili, but it wasn't on the menu yesterday. So, I had a pulled pork sandwich with mac and cheese instead. Then it was on to TJ Maxx where I grabbed a pair of slippers and a bottle of perfume. My favorite brand is Philosophy, because it is light and fresh. Yesterday's deal was their lavender fragrance.

If you have Apple TV, a really good series to watch is Blackbird. It is about the serial killer, Larry Hall, who was alleged to have killed over 40 young women. He was from Wabash, Indiana and did a lot of Civil War reenactments which is where it is said that he grabbed the girls he raped and murdered. There is some speculation in the series that he was responsible for the disappearance of Trcia Reitler who was a student at Indiana Wesleyan in Marion, Indiana. However, I still have my doubts on that because there is another rumor around the community that she was actually the victim of a hit and run by a prominent Marion resident who was drunk at the time and that he and his good ol' boy network disposed of the body either under a construction project or in a pond. Either way, someone knows where she is and it's cruel to leave her family without some sort of closure.

As soon as I write this blog entry and finish watching The Postcard Killings, I'm going to get ready to go to the gym. I've been on a pretty good schedule so far with going almost every other day. Next week I'm going to bump up to every day except for the weekends. This movie is also a pretty good watch on Apple TV.

I just finished reading Tricia O'Malley's latest release. Wild Scottish Rose was a fun and romantic read. If you haven't grabbed that one yet, it's well worth it!

I'm going to wrap it up and wish everyone a fantastic week. Don't forget to catch my special post on Imbolc!

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