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St. Augustine Here We Come!

Three more days and we leave for St. Augustine. I'm really excited about this trip because of the historical experience. I know that part of the day Friday will be spent in workshops, then Saturday and Sunday is the book signing, but I think we can get some sightseeing done on Friday afternoon and then hopefully a ghost tour on Saturday night. After getting snowed on Friday and freezing our butts off the last couple days...I'm ready for some 60 degree weather! And hopefully some sunshine!

Our little rejected goat is doing well. After a week of bottle feeding and a box of diapers, she has begun to thrive. Her mama still won't have anything to do with her, so until she is a little bigger and it gets warmer outside, this sassy little thing will remain in the house. She is starting to jump and bounce around, which is about a week behind her siblings' development. For a little creature who was laying lifeless behind the barn last Friday, she's coming along really well now!

We did our pop-up market yesterday and today. Not the best turnout, but we are being optimistic that the next two we do will be a lot better. My daughter got a lot of interest in her foraged terrariums, and I sold a book. Our next one is on March 9th at the Miami County Fairgrounds from 10 am - 8 pm. With over 50 vendors, we are feeling like this one will be a great success.

I did meet the owner of Salem's Lot and it seems our paths were intended to cross. As we talked, I discovered we were both in New Orleans at the same time last fall and even went to some of the same places. She is having an Ostara event on March 10th in Wabash, so I plan on attending. It's pretty cool to meet like-minded folks!

This week's post is going to have to be a short one...but I'm taking my laptop to Florida and will try to do some posts from there next week. I hope everyone has an amazing week!

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