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Wrapping up 2023

Looking back on the last year, I have to acknowledge it hasn't been the best or the easiest. However, they say that growth happens in difficult times. I know there have been some lessons in here. Lessons I don't relish taking for a second time. Especially the ones where you learn the hard way that not everyone can be trusted either with their words or their actions. So, as I sit here in my recliner writing my last blog post of 2023, I'm going to put the tragedy and loss aside and move forward with a renewed focus and a heart full of optimism. It's time to move forward with intention and create my best life ever!

You will see some changes to my website soon...there will be some new releases coming up, and there will be some changes to my existing back list of books. My blog posts will still be done on Sunday, but there will be a new feature this year where you can learn about the history and foundations of paganism and spiritualism. I hope you will follow along with me and my team for a magickal 2024!

What magickal things do you have planned for 2024? I think I've said before..and I'll say it again...I don't believe in making New Year's resolutions. What I do believe is setting goals, and we can do that anytime during the year...not just at New Year's. It's called writing your own story and you can write each chapter the way you want it to be. You just have to do it with intention.

Speaking of intention...we did our Yule simmer pot and wrote our intentions on bay leaves. Unfortunately, I dozed off and the content I'm hoping it burned those intentions right into the universe. No time to cry over spilled milk or scorched simmer pots. Right? You make the best of it...see the positive...and move on with your magickal self.

Also on the agenda is completing the coursework for my naturopathy certification. You may ask why an author who works full time in the corporate world would want to add more to her's really simple...because I BELIEVE in natural remedies and not so much in the corporate pharmaceutical BS. I'm of the opinion that they aren't looking to create cures to make people better...they are in the business of creating customers to keep their pockets full of dirty cash. I also feel like our Creator (whomever you may call them) put everything on this earth we need to take care of our own health and well being.

Sounds like a lot of work. Which is why I am going to do something I have never done before...I'm going to sit down and plan out how my year is going to unfold. Instead of flying by the seat of my pants and hoping I accomplish what I set out to do...I'm going to write the plan down...with intention...and make it happen.

Well, I have a hound bellowing at the delivery person and the little Frenchie raising hell right alongside her, so I'm going to take this as a sign that I need to get some things done today. I've lazed around all week reading books, watching television, and day dreaming...time to spring to action!

Have a very Happy New Year!! Many blessings for a magickal 2024!!

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