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Another Successful Wild Deadwood Reads

We are on the road to Eau Claire after a packed long weekend of fun in Deadwood, SD. It’s always that way when close to a hundred authors invade the Black Hills. We’ve been to Sturgis for beer and food and sightseeing, driven the scenic Spearfish Canyon, picnicked in Custer State Park, tasted wine at the Naughti Winery in downtown Deadwood, and sat on the veranda of the historic Franklin Hotel to listen to the music of Sawyer Brown and Terri Clark. The book signing at The Lodge at Deadwood was a day spent with fellow authors and tons of readers. Without our readers we would merely be writing stories to tuck away in a desk drawer and forget about them. If you’ve never visited a book signing and you’re a reader…you are missing out on a whole lot of author love…because we love our readers. Tomorrow is yet another travel day for me…an ungodly early flight from Eau Claire to Chicago then a miserably long layover until my flight home to Fort Wayne. I’m missing my my animals, my bed, my pool, and being able to walk barefoot through the garden to ground myself. Perhaps an evening laying in the grass staring up at the stars is in order for tomorrow. Tuesday is back to the human resource day job but I’m going to work through a couple story ideas that popped into my head this trip. One of those stories is a trip back to Possum Creek where it all started. I think you will love Ellie’s story. Watch for it!

This Wednesday you will get the next installment of The Gambler and the Preacher’s Daughter, so don’t forget to drop by!

Signing off for now!!

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