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Changing It Up!

At least for this week...hopefully I'll be back on schedule next week...then maybe depends...

Sorry to disappoint that usual stalker who was checking things out on my blog around 8:19 EST time last night…nothing new was there…was it? But I’m sure you continue to entertain yourself with my old posts…which ones are your favorites? I’d love to hear…I know I have a few favorites.

I was so busy this weekend that I was just beat by the time I sat down last evening to eat some dinner that I didn’t take the time to post. You ask what I was up to? Well…

Saturday was a day of cleaning the house, getting a pedicure, and going to the store to buy food for the Beltane celebration that evening. Then I did card readings prior to the Beltane celebration and got to witness the organ play by itself in the reading room. So cool when that happens!

Yesterday, it was decided to go have a nice sit-down breakfast at Bob Evans before going to Lowe’s to pick up some things. Things being more perennials. This time for the bed out front by the road. Which I will plant this evening after work. I got the hot tub cleaned, filled and it’s heating up. I finished up my medicinal herb bed yesterday and was thrilled to see my shasta daisies, black-eyed Susans, yarrow and even one of my hibiscuses made it through the winter. They will now be accompanied by echinacea, marshmallow, lavender, chicory, poppy, chamomile, and feverfew. I’m really excited about all the different concoctions I can make with this stuff.

Tonight, before I get settled in, I’m going to plant my potato towers, put the perennials out in the front bed, and go gather some wild lettuce to make tincture and tea. I’ve also got to gather up some more dead nettle. In case you didn’t know, wild lettuce makes a natural pain killer and dead nettle can be used as a diuretic.

Once I get the outside work done, I am going to put in some time on Watermelon Moonshine. I’m really hoping to have it ready to take with me to Deadwood…it’s going to take some effort…but it is possible. I may just need to take my laptop to work with me and write during my lunch break…when I get one!

I’m off and running! Happy Monday!!

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