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Better Late Than Never...Again...

Yes, I know…I keep getting later with these posts. Gotta keep that stalker on their toes! I laugh every time I see them lurking around to see if I’ve posted anything new.

Honestly, it’s been a busy few days. I’ve put a lot of time in on Watermelon Moonshine in hopes to release at Wild Deadwood Reads. The first part is off to my editor while I continue to write well into the late hours every night. The day job has been very demanding as well and has taken up a chunk of time. The kind of time that requires grabbing something from Door Dash and eating at my desk while working.

At least I got to spend Mother’s Day weekend doing work I enjoy. Saturday was a trip to the nursery for tomato and pepper plants, then on to Lowe’s for more mulch and some additional gardening tools, then off to Meijer to pick up the grocery order. I got home and unloaded everything and got busy working on my flower bed out front. I usually plant it with annuals but decided this year to just do perennials around the edge and some sunflowers in the center. Cleaned out the log planters by the driveway and put fresh dirt in them then planted some zinnia seeds. Got the cover off the pool in preparation to fill it then cooked on the grill and spent some relaxing hot tub time watching for the Northern Lights to appear…

Sunday was breakfast with my daughter and granddaughter at Cracker Barrel followed by a trip to Tractor Supply for animal feed. Back home, it was cleaning out the raised beds with the cattle panel arches and planting peas then filling the bottom of my potato towers with straw and layering on the compost and dirt and planting the potatoes. Then it was off to the garden to plant the tomatoes and peppers in the tubs and start clearing out the dead weeds and old landscape fabric so we can get the rest of the garden tilled. Finally, to top it off was planting some more strawberries in my pyramid bed and then dinner at Dairy Queen…just had to have a Pecan Cluster Blizzard!

I think I’ve pretty much filled up my schedule for book signings and paranormal vendor events for this year and into 2025. If you are interested in dropping by…here you go:



You can also follow me on Facebook at as things are added or for more information!


To wrap it up, I just wanted to share with you a photo of my flowers…I’ve nursed these clematis vines for about 4 years now…so proud!


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