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Fake Fall

After spending three days trapped in the bowels of hell, fake fall has arrived upon us this morning. The signs have been there for the last couple weeks with the occasional glimpse of a tree with leaves starting to pick up the color of the autumn. The crows hovering about waiting for the farmers to harvest the fields. Fog and mist hovering above the horizon in the early morning hours. I'd have to say, we are entering what I consider to be the most wonderful time of the year with the harvest, ripened apples, pumpkins waiting to be fashioned into grinning or macabre decorations to light up porch steps. Let's not forget the fields of sunflowers and the jewel toned blooms of mums.

Yesterday, I spent some time with my granddaughter. A trip to Hobby Lobby to gather supplies for some of the baubles I'll be taking with me to Salem. We spent some time fashioning witch bells last night and started on the witch balls. Then we went to dinner and a movie. If you are up to some R-rated comedy, Strays is a definite source of bawdy entertainment. I won't write a review because I don't want to spoil it. We topped off our time together with breakfast this morning. get my blog post done...and continue my preparations for my upcoming trip to Massachusetts.

I've inked in some additional autumn plans in the last couple days...New Orleans and Bay St. Louis was already on the agenda, I've now added a weekend girls' trip to Door County with my author friends from Wisconsin and a trip to Nashville, IN with another friend. Then, I will be home for the winter until Tropiconn in February. Time to do a lot of things around the house like getting ready for the 2024 growing season. Not to mention...doing a lot of writing.

I'm making this post short, but I wanted to try to get back into a routine. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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