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Full Moon Blessings

The week leading up to last night’s full moon has been filled with blessings. Who said Friday the 13th was unlucky? I had a fabulous launch party for Deadly Vision…so, if you are reading this because you subscribed to my blog…drop me an email with the name of one of my books you’d like to read and I’ll gift it to you.

I got a lot of things accomplished around the yard and in the garden this weekend. Mulch laid, perennials planted, annuals planted and everything in the garden has germinated. I’m hoping I end up with a huge crop of veggies to can and freeze. As a reward for my hard work…I took some time to float around the pool with one of my beautiful granddaughters yesterday afternoon.

Saturday night was prom night for one of my other beautiful granddaughters. She’s beautiful inside and out…but Saturday night she was breathtakingly stunning.

Last night was the Flower Full Moon and if you saw me outside at 12:14 am (in the rain) bearing a candle, rose quartz, and rose petals…no worries…I was trying out one of the spells from my Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want by Diane Ahlquist. It’s a very good book by the way as is Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation. I highly recommend both.

Finally, my passport application is in process and I have started reserving rooms for me and my daughter’s road trip around Ireland in the fall. Dublin to Ardmore…then to Cork, Killarney, Dingle and Doolin…then Galway and back to Dublin for our last night. On the agenda are the Cliffs of Moher and Leap Castle. This will be the trip of a lifetime.

Okay…I need to get a shower and head to work…until next time…many full moon blessings to all…

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