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Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all my wonderful readers are having a splendid day! I've been to get breakfast and went shopping for flowers for a special woman who has been my strength for these last few weeks...and while I was at it...I bought myself a hanging basket too. Nothing like purple wave petunias to hang on my front porch...and as an added bonus there were some hot pink ones with white polka dots in the basket too! I absolutely love the local farm stand around the corner from me!

Originally, I had planned on doing some gardening but it's gloomy and windy...and I need to make a list before I go to the garden center on a tear with a credit card. That gets me in trouble! I already have a bunch of cabbage plants I started from seed in their little plastic water bottle greenhouses and a collection of pepper and squash seeds. This year I think I will plant the green beans instead of cucumbers on the arched beds since I already have several jars of pickles and pickle relish from last year. I will need to plant at least one plant so I have salad cucumbers. List. I need a list!

I finished painting my kitchen cabinets yesterday, so I figure I've earned a day of reading, writing and crafting while binge watching Criminal Minds. I'm about 4 chapters in on Ostara which is Book #2 of Wheel of the Witch series. Whereas, Samhain was filled with the mystique of New Orleans, Ostara is more of a lighthearted story which takes place in the Black Hills. Here's a hint...the heroine's magick power is being an animal whisperer...

Speaking of books, I am on Book 3 of the Cedar Hollow series by Melinda Clayton. If you like stories set in the Appalachian Mountains that tell about women rising above difficulties and heartache, this series is for you! I also just finished up Wild Scottish Knight by Tricia O'Malley...and I absolutely loved it! What a whimsical and magickal tale! And don't forget...tomorrow is release day of Samhain-Book 1 of my Wheel of the Witch series! So...because I'm extremely excited about that...I will give a FREE copy to the first 5 people who send me an email and promise to give it a review on Amazon!

It's almost time to kick off book signing season! Starting with Wild Deadwood Reads on June 17th at the fabulous Lodge in Deadwood! Not to mention, it's also Wild Bill Days so there will be free concerts Friday and Saturday. If you are going to be in the area, stop by my table and say hello...tell me you read my blog and give me the code word...and I'll have a FREE gift for you. Code Word=Sunflower. And if you aren't going to be in the area, you can follow along on my Facebook page at to see what's going on! I may even try to do a couple Facebook live segments...

My little finch is signing her heart out on the back porch. She comes back every year and builds her nest in the wind chimes and serenades me every morning. I have several bird feeders round the lawn, two suet baskets on the front porch, a feeder in my wildflower bed out back, another feeder next to my clematis and I need to go get a new hummingbird feeder for the back porch. I should have done that today, but hey...I can order one from Amazon without leaving the house. Right?

Okay, I've been rambling enough today. Again, Happy Mother's Day!

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