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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

Let the shenanigans begin! Hey everyone…hope you are having an absolutely wonderful day. Have you seen any leprechauns yet? How about faeries? Anyone up for going and tossing back a few pints? How about searching for that rainbow and pot of gold?

Dancing a jig down the street? Let’s do it!!

Seriously though, Saint Patrick’s Day to me is the signal to spring. Spring Equinox is this Sunday, March 20th. And tonight is the full moon…the “Worm Moon”…the last full moon of winter. Worm Moon got its name from Native Americans because this is the time of year when the earthworms start

emerging from the ground.

Let‘s chat a bit about different Celtic traditions…starting with the shamrock. It was originally called the seamroy and it was a sacred plant which symbolized the birth of spring. Later, the shamrock came to be the symbol of the Irish displeasure with England’s rule after the Brits seized Irish land and banned Catholicism and the traditional Irish language.

After the Brits invaded and conquered Ireland, music was a means to hold on to their heritage. From the days of the ancient Celtic people, music was an important facet of life. That’s because the Celtic people had an oral culture where history and legend was passed along through the use of stories and song. Eventually, the wicked queen Elizabeth I ordered all artists and pipers be hung as the Brits outlawed music. I guess the Brits deserved the ass kicking our American colonists provided them. Right?

While a lot of folks associate corned beef and cabbage with Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day, corned beef is actually an American dish. My go to for this lovely holiday is either Irish stew (with a pint of Guinness in it) and soda bread (without raisins because to me raisins are gross…can you say bunny turds). The others are bangers and mash or colcannon with bacon. I have to say…I can make a mean Irish dish.

So, I need to get going…tonight’s the full moon and I have some spells to concoct. I’ll need a nap when I get home so I can get up at the height of the full moon and do my magick. Top secret magick. Poof!!!

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