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Hello! It’s Me!!

As I was sitting here trying to figure out what topic to write about in my new blog on my new website, a little voice kept urging me to write about blessings and gratitude. I’m going to put those topics off until another time…but I promised the voice I’d get to them—in the near future—because they are important topics.

Instead, I decided to give you a little bit of insight into me and my writing. I started writing poetry in middle school but always wanted to write books. I wrote the soppy love ballads that most teenagers’ lives revolve around. Sometimes, I still might crank out a soppy love ballad when the mood hits me as it does on occasion.

I love books. I think as a writer you just about must love books. My dad taught me to read the newspaper comics when I was just four years old. By the time I went to the first grade shortly before I turned six, I was already reading at the level of a teenager. Do you know how boring it was in first grade to read about Dick and Jane and Spot when you were already reading Nancy Drew and Huckleberry Finn? Believe me…YAWN…no wonder they have kindergartners take naps!

If you read my bio on my website, you will see I won an award for reading the most books and got to ride the library float. Well, that came about when I ended up with chicken pox, mumps, and a bad case of some virus one spring. All I had to do was read while I was quarantined in my room for weeks. It is there I discovered Judy Blume and Laura Ingalls-Wilder. Fifty-six books in less than 3 months! And yes, I got to ride the Wabash Carnegie Public Library float in the Canal Days Parade.

One of the things that I am so grateful for when I was growing up, was that my parents did not censor anything I read. Now, with that said, when I was about fifteen, I found an author named Anonymous. That was my first adventure in what is now referred to as erotica. For a kid who didn’t even know what a hickey was at that time, can you imagine that same kid falling down the rabbit hole of 70’s erotica? I also discovered Janet Daily and Harlequin during that time and figured one of these days, I’d find some gentlemanly rancher who would carry me away to wedded bliss. Instead, as an eighteen-year-old bride I found that some men were not even close to being heroes and ran home to my parents within a couple weeks. Thank God for no-fault divorces, right? I figured I would be better off writing love stories than living them.

Fast forward to my first contemporary romance—Coming Home—which is a small-town romance set in the fictional town of Possum Creek, Tennessee. Inspired by the song Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter, my heroine dumps her worthless wealthy husband and runs home to her grandparents’ home in Tennessee where she runs smack dab into the boy who broke her heart as a teenager. But it all ends up good in the end…the way a romance should.

I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal—remind me to tell you about my paranormal experiences later—and I think that stems from growing up with a mother who watched Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows every afternoon and who was also known to venture out for the occasional reading with a medium. You will find a little of both rolled into one series starting with Vincent-Blood Retribution which was an Amazon best seller the year it re-released. Put a brooding, sexy vampire together with a spunky medium and you get a steamy story with mystery, suspense, and a lot of sex.

I absolutely love to write and tell stories and I enjoy being able to travel and meet other authors and readers across the country. I have attended book signings in Deadwood, SD; Estes Park, CO; New Orleans, LA; Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH; and Peoria, IL and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. There’s something magickal about being around souls with the same interests as you. Speaking of magickal, I do have a series of standalone books where there is a whole lot of magick going on. Starting with One Magick Yule and ending with Christmas Magick you will meet animals who talk, a pot smoking grandma, and a time traveler who journeys to Ireland both back in the day and now.

Okay…enough about all my books. A little more about me…I have a list. A bucket list. And it’s huge! I want to journey to Ireland, and I want to go camp in Alaska for a month. I took my first adventure flying a plane a few weeks ago and plan on working toward my private pilot’s license. I hope I live a long time because for everything I’ve crossed off my list, I’ve added at least two more things.

What else do I like to do? Well…I enjoy watching movies, cooking and canning, growing my own food, doing crafts and traveling. I’ll share some movie reviews, my recipes and canning tips, craft ideas and pictures and stories from my travels if you choose to follow along with me on my blog. And if there is anything you want me to write about, just drop me a line…I aim to please.

Enough for today…welcome to all…have a great week

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