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Hope Harbor

I’m pleased to announce the release of Hope Harbor on August 12! This collection of romance tales has a little of something for everyone. From historical to paranormal, your taste for reading will be quenched. All the stories take place in the fictional town of Hope Harbor at various periods in time from early settlement to modern day.

The best thing about this anthology is we will be donating all proceeds to Operation Underground Railroad, a group which investigates cases of child sex trafficking around the world. They rescue and rehabilitate the victims and help bring justice to their captors. Children don’t just disappear! Millions of children have gone missing…stolen from loving families…to be the sex slaves for elite pedophiles who pay the perpetrators for the children’s services. These disgusting excuses for human beings are getting rich off modern day slavery.

As parents and grandparents, our group decided the best way to help these poor children would be to use our writing talents to produce a book that we could then donate our royalties to OUR. I hope you will help us help them!

God bless each and every one of you who buys a copy! You are truly angels unawares.

Purchase Link:

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