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Hopping in With Easter Blessings

It's a beautiful Easter Sunday here in Indiana. The sun is out and there is not a hint of rain in the forecast. Which is good...because according to an old wive's tale, if it rains on Easter, you can expect it to rain for the next 7 Sundays. Makes me wonder now if it is sunny on Easter Sunday can we expect the next 7 Sundays to be sunny and warm? Fingers crossed...but knowing Indiana weather, it will probably snow about the time I get ready to start working in the gardens.

I've been fortunate to have a four-day-weekend. Thursday started off at the acupuncturist then I went to Menard's to get paint and floor tiles to redo my kitchen. Of course, things didn't go so well at that point. Nothing like losing your key fob in the store, Mitsubishi not having anyone available for road service for two days...but thankfully, I have some of the best friends so I was able to get a ride to my daughter's house to pick up my spare fob and get back to Menard's. My granddaughter and I started the task of painting Friday and my other granddaughter joined us on Saturday. The kitchen isn't done, but we got a good start. I'm just impatient and had hoped to have it done by the end of the long weekend.

This morning, I was awakened by one of the goats's an awful sound. By the time the big red drama queen went out the pet door and barked her head off and I got my boots on and went out the front door with the rifle, the offending coyote was running across the back yard toward the neighbor's house. I didn't have a clear shot, so you can bet I'll be keeping my ears open tonight. And I"m sorry if that upsets any of my readers, but coyotes are predators of farm animals and will even go after smaller pets if they can. The goat is fine except for a couple not very deep bite marks, so all is well. But getting back to sleep was difficult.

I went and grabbed Easter dinner for me and my very dear friend Betty across the road. Nothing like Cracker Barrel and the woman who is like a mother to me to celebrate Easter. Now, me and the dogs are sitting here listening to Irish music and I'm getting ready to put some work into Samhain. With that, I hope you all had the opportunity to read the prologue to Samhain on my blog earlier this week. There's also an opportunity to sign up for my ARC team!

Have a wonderful day! Happy Easter!!

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