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It's a Lazy Sunday

I was up bright and early, at the crack of dawn in fact. All because Casanova has to practice his new found crowing voice as soon as the sun comes up...if not before. I think the dogs were pretty disgusted with him too because they like to sleep in of a morning. Especially my big Redbone drama queen who groaned audibly in her hound dog way.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day painting the dining room, so other than painting behind the deep freeze, that room is ready for new flooring. I decided to take a break today and just write and watch movies. After having breakfast with my daughter and youngest granddaughter. I should be putting the second coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets and finishing up the walls in there, but nope...I deserve a day of writing. And this book isn't going to write itself.

As the days pass and Wild Deadwood Reads gets closer, I thought things were clear and in place for my flight. However, I got an email yesterday notifying me of a change in my itinerary. Now, I'm not arriving in Rapid City until 10:30 pm on Wednesday night instead of 8:30 pm and I have an almost 8 hour layover in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Going back...instead of an 8:30 am departure, it's a 5:45 am departure. And another 8 hour layover in MSP. I think that I should have just done like I did the first three trips out and flown into Denver and grabbed a rental car and driven to Deadwood. Less time in the air, less time on the road, and more time to enjoy the festivities of Deadwood.

I'm going to have to start making my flight and lodging arrangements for Salem pretty soon for the Getting Witchy With It event in September. A huge bucket list item, I cannot wait to explore the historical streets and visit the shops there. I ran across one that is particularly interesting to me called Hex Old World Witchery in the middle of Salem. They have a lot of interesting items and spell supplies and I cannot wait to peruse their shop! The plan is to fly into Boston and grab a car and drive but not sure if our group will be staying in Salem or finding an ocean side cottage where we can all sit and watch the sun come up over the Atlantic.

It's a chilly day today and I sure wish it would warm up and stay warm. It's about time for him to get the hot tub up and running and the pool filled and ready to go. Nothing like an evening with a bottle of wine, good conversation, and steamy sex in the hot tub. Or skinny dipping in the middle of the day in the pool. Unfortunately, it's only 40 some degrees today and the only thing worth doing is sitting in the recliner with a Celsius drink, Oscar, and my laptop. Like I's a lazy day and to offset being lazy...I'm writing!

As I'm researching for my latest book, I got curious about a term I've heard flung around a lot these looked it up...What is a whore? The definition was '"prostitute". So, I went on and looked it up...and interestingly is defined as a person who sacrifices their self-respect by engaging in sexual activity for the sake of personal or financial gain. I guess that means screwing a man to screw a man to get what you can't get through your own hard work. I'll leave it at that. Just a little fact for the day in case you wanted to know.

With that, I'm going to get back at working on the book...have a great week all!

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