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November is Here!

Happy first weekend in November! And it is an absolutely beautiful one here in Indiana. Yesterday, me and my friend by the same name went to Nashville, Indiana and browsed the shops and had lunch at Hobnob Corner. Nothing like a good old Indiana breaded tenderloin and their special peanut butter pie. Today I did some outside chores and went to the feed store and the grocery. Now I"m taking a break to do my blog while the roast and homemade rosemary bread to finish cooking. That's what's for dinner!

Little Miss Ruby is being quite the character. It's been a long time since there's been a puppy in the house. There's been a whole two weeks of toddler proofing and barking at her own shadow. Last night she knocked over a wooden decoration and scared herself shitless. We have figured out that Kate is her partner in crime...or maybe she is just the big sister getting the little sister in trouble. Because there are things up high that end up down low and carried off to Ruby's hiding place outside by the doghouse. Which is exactly where my daughter found her bras, socks, and shoes she was missing from her room.

I picked up a couple new plants yesterday. It turns out my youngest has quite the green thumb and since she's been here, we have a nice collection of hanging plants, terrariums, and the few I already had have never looked so healthy. Hopefully she will help me breathe some new life into my flower beds and garden in the spring. I need to order some fruit trees pretty soon so I can get them in the ground this fall. I also have about five bags of crocus, tulip and daffodil bulbs to get planted. Always something to do!

Today I bought Too Late the new Colleen Hoover book today when I went to the grocery. It sort of jumped out at me. Even though I'm still reading Bill O'Reilly's Killing the Witches and my Kindle is full, I thought it looked really good. I'll report back later on that one!

Besides doing oracle/clairvoyant readings on Samhain night, I embroidered my oldest daughter's sweatshirt and helped my middle daughter do a clearing spell for her house and car. I started working on a Celtic cross stitch kit and got some of my Christmas shopping done. The goal for a shopping deadline is the second week of December. And I'll put my trees and other decorations up Thanksgiving weekend. I may even go to the storage unit and see what goodies I have there in the way of decorations. I'd really like to have some of those lights that look like deer for my front yard.

Okay, the bell just went off on the bread so that means it's dinner time. Have a great week everyone!

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