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Snap! It's a Full Moon Tonight!

If you see me out dancing around a bonfire tonight under the moon...just move along...I've got things to do and spells to cast! Tonight is the first of two super moons in August, so we have double the moon power this month. There is also meteor showers over the next few nights. The weather is supposed to be nice, so what better time than to unleash your magick by channeling the that full moon power. Some of the best spells or manifestations to perform under a full moon are protection spells, love spells, spells to restore your natural energy, and of course...curses and hexes. Which I don't recommend unless you want to reap some bad karma later. Spells done under the full moon are very powerful.

As an author of paranormal romance, I do a lot of research into topics related to magick and manifestation. Did you know that each of us have the innate power to call upon our inner magick to manifest the things in life that we really want? It's all about visualization, imagination, and being curious enough to go down the magickal rabbit hole. Magick has been around since the beginning of time and the further I dig into the history of magick and witchcraft, the more I want to know.

Speaking of witchcraft and history, I am sooooo very excited to be going to Salem, MA next month for Getting Witchy With It. I know there were some very dark times for the poor women accused of witchcraft in Salem, but it is our history and I want to learn about it. To understand how a handful of religious zealots were able to bring the entire town to a frenzied hunt for women they believed were tools of the devil. Whatever...I think the hunters were the devils and the poor women who were tortured and executed were victims of religious frenzy. But then again, I feel like religion was created for men to be able to control the masses...whereas, being spiritual is having a relationship with the matter what name you tack onto Him/Her. Having Celtic roots I hope to explore more over the upcoming years, I am really drawn to nature and animals and the mythology surrounding the early days humans walked the earth.

I have a new resident at the farm...her name is Lucy and she's a black's got black wool. She and I are going to have to get better acquainted because I read that sheep form attachments to humans and can recognize their human's face. So, while I spend time working with the baby goats to get them ready for sale, I'm going to do the same with Lucy. I have some treats to bribe them all with. Bribery works well...

I also have a new sign in my yard to make my opinion known about solar farms...which I'm very much against. I guess I don't understand how they can call all these solar farms and wind farms "green energy" when what they do is destroy all that is green to make room for them. Did you know that each adult tree produces enough oxygen during the growing season for 10 adult men? Come many of you sat in your biology class and learned how plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis...have you forgotten? To continue to destroy farmland and woodland to build solar farms and wind farms is to destroy our very life force. If there is no green...there is no oxygen...and no life on earth as we know it. I'll get off my soap box...

Did you know that if you can't come to one of my in-person book events, you can order signed copies directly from me? All you have to do is shoot me an email at with the book(s) you want and I''ll invoice you through your choice of PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo. Each book is $10 plus shipping (within the USA only). Also...right now, Wing and a Prayer is FREE on Kindle...

My lunch break is over...time for me to run...until next time...

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