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Sorry I Missed You!

I saw you stalking my blog a few minutes ago. What would you like to read about this week? My work...what kind of spells I've been stirring up for the winter solstice...perhaps you'd like to know more about my upcoming new's going to be a best seller...and I"m hoping the Lifetime Movie Channel might pick it up. I'm thinking big...

All sarcasm and joking aside...I've been super busy this weekend, so my post is a little later than usual. I have a tendency to put more on my plate than I can reasonably handle. And with the day job being so demanding these past couple weeks, the weekend becomes the catch up time. Catch up on house work, catch up on sleep, catch up on projects, catch up on writing.

Last evening was our salaried team Christmas dinner. It was an early event and we had cocktails, dinner and conversation and I was home and back in my pajamas by 7. Writing and watching movies.Until the dogs somehow got the patio door open and were out barking at shadows and they had to be rounded up and brought back inside.

The pile of delivery boxes in the office continues to grow. I tell myself every year that I'm going to wrap as I go instead of waiting until the last minute and wrapping everything at once. But never happens. Maybe I'll pick 2-3 packages every night to wrap and stick under the tree. That way...I should be done by Christmas.

Later this week, I'll be bottling up goldenrod and sage tincture to put on my online store. I also enrolled in a naturopath certification course that I'm really looking forward to. I truly believe that we can manage our health without overusing the poisons from the pharmaceutical companies. That's my opinion, anyway.

The suet feeders out front have been busy today. We've had cardinals, finches, and a huge blue jay out enjoying the fresh suet I put out last week. They ar also making a meal out of the sunflower heads in the front and the seed clusters on my clematis. Fortunately, I saved several of those for myself to propagate in the spring.

I really need to get started on some of the handmade gifts. Here it is, only 15 days from Christmas, and I still haven't started them. I'll have to run to Joann Fabrics tomorrow to pick up a few items after work one day this week. I need bobbins for my sewing machine and some embroidery needles. I thought for sure I had some, but for the life of me, I cannot find them.

Well, I really need to get back to the tasks at hand. Have a wonderful week!

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