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It's once again a sunny day here in Indiana. The chickens are out wandering the yard, enjoying their daily dose of freedom and the goats are sunning themselves by their shed. It's been a productive week of writing, considering I only have a couple hours in the evening after work to do it. Of course, there have been distractions what with the Outlander series. You know how it is, right? What a series. I started season 6 last night.

I'm writing my blog post early today because I have an afternoon of shopping for a prom dress with my daughter and granddaughter. I can't wait to see her try on a bunch of beautiful gowns, but the true beauty radiates from inside her. I've truly been blessed with several grandchildren, each of them holding their own special light.

As spring approaches, I've got a hankering to do some major spring cleaning...including painting. I've lived in my home 9 years and I think it's time to brighten things up with a fresh coat of paint. When we refurbished the house, we spent two years gutting and getting it just right. Only now, I wish I hadn't wallpapered the living room. Hopefully, I can find a YouTube video on how to successfully paint over it. The border I'll leave alone because I really love it. The kitchen is another story, I'd like to change it up a bit. I have some really pretty faux copper tooled back splash, so I'm going to have to give it some thought on what colors to use.

The gardening catalogs have been another major distraction. As spring grows closer, I start getting the green thumb bug. The homestead pages on Facebook have been really informative. I have several wicking tubs in my garden where the roots grow down into a reservoir of water, but it's really important that the soil is well fertilized to be successful. So, I'll be mixing up some manure with dirt and letting it sit for a bit before adding it to the tubs. I also want to expand my herb beds because I'm doing a course on herbal medicine and am missing quite a few necessary plants in my current bed. I read an article about using cardboard to clear an area for new beds, so I've been saving all the Amazon and Chewy boxes to use for that. I think next weekend, if the weather permits, that will be the task. There's an area in the middle of my front yard where I'd like to plant sunflowers in the center and surround it with my tomato and pepper plants then use marigold for the edge.

Enough of the garden and home improvement chatting. Yesterday, my wonderful PA...Tessa Russ from Poised Pen...gave me a better idea for my latest series. It will be called Seasons of the Witches. Book 1 is now titled Samhain. Let me give you a bit of context...each of the heroines will be a witch descending from the Coven of Sisters which originated in County Meath, Ireland given their powers by the faeries. Their birthday and story will be associated with the various sabbats starting with Samhain which is, of course, Halloween. The descendants of the original coven have been scattered as folks do over the years of history, but it is time for them to join together for The Return. I won't tell you any more of the story, because I want to leave several cliff hangers along the way. You know...the element of surprise.

If you are not necessarily a paranormal romance reader, I do have my Possum Creek series as well as a couple of stand alone stories. And I will be giving away Coming Home, the book which started it all, It will be free on Kindle from March 13th through March 17th.

Speaking of March 17th, I am looking forward to fixing up a genuine Irish meal. Some of my favorite dishes is colcannon, bangers and mash, and Guinness stew. I make a mean soda bread as well, only I prefer mine without the raisins. I've never been fond of raisins an avoid using them. I'll be sure to share my recipes right here the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day.

As far as reading, I am on book 12 for the year. Right now, I"m reading The Harbinger by Wendy Wang which is Book 5 of her Witches of Palmetto Point series. I'm really enjoying it...obviously. It has witches, reapers, and ghosts with a crime to be solved in each. If you are looking for a series to fill your evenings, that would be a good choice.

It's time for me to get around to get ready to start my day. I'm hoping to get some writing time in before I leave for shopping. Have a great day and a great week!

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