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Tomorrow Will Be A Different Day...

As I sit here this morning listening to the finch sing, the peacocks holler, the roosters crow and watch the rabbits make their way across the lawn while the robins forage for worms, I'm reminded that tomorrow will be a different day. A different day because today, we will say the hardest goodbye most of us have ever had to say. To remember the life of a young man who was our light, our strength, our confidante and so much more. I still don't understand the why. Why God felt it was time to call him home. It was too early. He had so much left to accomplish. And we all had so much more love to share with him.

There have been days of sharing stories with family and friends. Stories that somehow got us through these days. Hugs of comfort and tears of sorrow. The photographs which each told a story and held precious memories for each of us. Stories that will carry us through this difficult day and beyond.

I know he will always be with us in our hearts. He is probably sitting high up there on a cloud with that smile looking down upon us all urging us to remember him but not to dwell on what cannot be changed. To live our lives in a way we can be happy and proud of. To hold on to the love and strength we can each offer to the other. Be the type of human beings who can set examples for those growing up behind us.

Today, we say farewell until later to an amazing young man. And it truly is until later because one of these days, we will see each other again in a different place where there are none of the trappings of the worst of human emotions and traits. Where only love dwells. A place in the clouds where we can rejoice at the reunions we will have.

With that, I urge each of you to hug someone you haven't hugged for a while, call someone you have neglected to call, say I love you to those you hold dear. We are only promised a certain amount of days on this earth as humans before our souls get called home. Make each day count.

Love and blessings to all...

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