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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog post. I’m really not neglecting y’all…I just have a lot on my plate right now.

We are preparing for the Buck Moon Market in Converse, IN on July 20th so I’ve been working on making soap, foraging for wild herbs for tinctures and salves, and doing some general organization. If you are in or around my area, stop by and see me and my daughter who is the owner of Foraged Treasures by SaBri. She has some fantastic terrariums, starter plants, and dream catchers…almost all of which are created from foraged things! I’ll also be doing oracle/clairvoyant readings along with having my books and products available.

Speaking of foraging…went out to grab some mullein the other night…and managed to fall down a ditch in the process. The mullein is going to go in my special blend cold and flu relief tea. It’s amazing how many ‘weeds’ are good for what ails you! After experimenting with the topical use of plantain and realizing it works great for bug bites and allergic reactions, I’ll be working up a batch of first aid cream using that particular ‘weed’.

The second wave of wild raspberries is starting to turn, so it’s time to gather those up before the birds get them. It’s not like the birds at my house are underfed…they go through about 8 suet blocks each week and a 25# bag of wild bird seed a month. Heaven forbid if any of the feeders run low because the little critters come and tap on the window to let us know. Luckily, the squirrels stay in the woods where the big birds keep them in check or I’m sure the feeders would empty out a lot faster.

Speaking of the woods, I have a plan. I ordered one of the hand chainsaws off TikTok the other day and I’m going to clear a walking path from the back of my garden through the woods and along the creek then back toward the yard to come out by the pasture fence. I think I’m going to grab a bunch of shade perennials and tuck them back along the paths and make steppingstones out of broken plates and concrete. Then I’ll find a nice little bench to put about halfway along the path and tuck some more bird feeders back there as well as some of those little battery-operated LED hanging lights. And…if I can find a discarded trampoline frame…I will use it for the entryway…so it looks like you are walking into a portal.

I wrapped up my short story for Romantic Galena Reads last week. We will have signed copies of The Masquerade Ball at the event on September 7th. There is a little of something for everyone from sweet to simmering and contemporary to paranormal. The cover is absolutely beautiful…which is why I am sharing it with all of you! As I worked on this story, which is a spin off from my story included in The General anthology last year, I got an idea for a series which I think you are all going to love. Hang in here with me and I’ll share more after I get past what I’m working on now!

I’m working…I swear I am! I’ve made some considerable progress on Watermelon Moonshine and anticipate a release date here in a few weeks. It’s a second-chance romance with a lot of inspiration from a true-life event and a place that was pretty special to me. I can’t say a lot because it’s fiction…and you know… ‘any similarity to current people, places and things is purely coincidental’.

In addition, I’ve decided to rework the order in which the Wheel of the Witch series is going to take place. That means since Samhain is already released, it will get re-released with a sneak preview of Yule…which is coming just in time for the holidays! How do you feel about a team of elves hanging out and helping the bewitching owner of a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina? That’s all I’m going to tell you about that one!

Okay…I’m going to head out to the day job for now! Have an awesome week and don’t forget, you still have several days to take advantage of my Christmas in July sale…all my Magick Holiday Christmas books are on sale on Kindle for a buck until July 31st!

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