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Countdown to Thanksgiving

It's just a few days from the first of three big holidays and here at the homestead, it's a lazy day. We did all our food shopping yesterday and hit up Hobby Lobby for their Christmas decoration sale. Today, there's a pork roasting in apples and cider in the slow cooker, I'm going to make some scalloped potatoes to go with it, and brown some brussels sprouts in bacon grease and brown sugar. Kate is laying on the sofa snoring while my daughter works on a craft project and Ruby is laying by me in the recliner. I'm going to actually spend the afternoon writing.

I've got my reservations made for my trip to Tropicon24 in St. Augustine in February. Found a cute little apartment above some shops near the downtown area and looking forward to visiting the area. I've heard I need to go see the historic old jail for sure. Now to work on my flights to and from. It worries me planning travel in February because even though it's Florida...we are living in Indiana and can get snowstorms that time of the year.

I made the decision to cut back on signings this year. I'm only doing three. St. Augustine, Deadwood, and Galena. I'd really like to take another trip abroad whether it be to Ireland or Scotland or both. So that requires saving some vacation time and some hard-earned money.

Aside from writing, I have a couple pretty important craft projects to get done because they are Christmas gifts. In fact, I have quite a few handmade gifts I'm giving this year. I love making handmades as gifts!

I have a couple big announcements coming up keep an eye out...I'm going to go for now...have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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