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Countdown to Valentine’s Day-Day 1

Good morning all!! I’m going to have some fun this week on my blog by doing a countdown to Valentine’s Day as well as a giveaway on my Facebook page…so I hope you’ll join me! Today I want to talk about flowers. Who doesn’t love getting flowers? Or, if you’re more frugal and budget minded perhaps you prefer plants that live beyond the week they are received. Me…I like both…my favorite flowers are sunflower, black eyed Susans, and lavender. Not that I don’t like roses…I really do…and make them the darkest red you can find. I grow all of the above at my house but I have yet to find that deep red rose to grace my flower bed.

There’s a thing about red roses…a very memorable story of a special Valentine’s Day about 25 years ago. My precious father was still alive and he was worried my current boyfriend (who I’d lived with about 6 years and knew for 20) was not going to get me anything for the BIG day. So Dad ordered up a dozen roses and had them sent to me at work…so I wouldn’t be missed when the flower delivery guy brought all the other ladies in the office their flowers. It was the last Valentine’s Day my dad was with us…and it was the last time I got roses that I didn’t buy myself. So my message here is to cherish those little moments because those memories will eventually become the treasures of our life.

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