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Countdown to Valentine’s Day-Day 3

Hello!! On this cold winter day…let’s talk about your idea for a great date. I’m not very high maintenance so a nice evening at home with a home cooked dinner of steak with all the fixings and a bottle of moscato does the trick for me. Watch some movies…in the bedroom of course…and some hot sex afterwards. That’s my idea of a great date. Of course, I’ve had other evenings that were just fine too…like dinner at a nice restaurant and a movie to top it off. I’ve had some pretty memorable times in Vegas and DC too. But this home loving woman prefers being at home. I guess being anywhere and doing anything is great as long as you’re with someone you want to spend time with…right?

I have a busy day ahead…so I’m going to cut this short…but I want to remind you that my Valentine novella- Cupid’s Magick Kiss is on sale for 99 pennies this entire month! How about dropping me a line and tell me about your ideal date?

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