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Countdown to Valentine’s Day-Day 4

Let’s go in a different direction today! Let’s talk about movies. There are so many romantic movies out there, including all those on the Hallmark Channel. I’m going to get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the movies that truly hits the heart with the magick Cupid’s arrow…

First on my list is The Notebook. This movie…oh my gosh…brings me to tears every freaking time! For a man to love his wife so unconditionally that he sits in her room and tells her their own love story to try to trigger some memory in her Alzheimer’s addled mind of the life they shared. Now…that is unconditional love pure and simple.

Second on my list is A Walk to Remember. Two totally opposite teens forge a bond of friendship in which the girl teaches the boy how to reach his true potential. In turn, he makes sure she gets her walk down the aisle before she dies of cancer. What a huge exchange of gifts…gifts that didn’t cost either of them a dime. Those are the kind of gifts that live on for years and years. Those which come from the heart and not so much the wallet. Once the chocolates are gone and the roses have dried and faded, it’s the thought and effort and love behind the gift which speak to the heart. It’s taking the time to acknowledge the importance of a person in your life. Doing something simple and meaningful. And remembering…even when times are tough or age has taken a toll…those moments in your life which brought joy. Blessings and love to all…

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