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Countdown to Valentine’s Day-Day 5

I thought today I would talk about self-love. You do know that loving yourself is not selfish, right? We have to take the time to love and care for ourselves before we can give the same to others. There are so many sayings about this…my favorite is “You can’t pour from an empty pitcher”. So true! If you haven’t replenished your own heart and soul and health…you aren’t able to give without depleting yourself. Or, if you’ve been to any business leadership training…you may have heard of an “emotional bank account”. You can’t let others withdraw without having something in that account, right? Too often we fail to love ourselves or engage in self care because we have been taught to believe it’s selfish. But it isn’t! I would like to encourage each of you to show some love for yourself for Valentine’s Day…here are some ideas…

Get a manicure or pedicure

Get a massage

Change up your hair

Meditate and connect with your spirit

Take yourself to lunch

Read a book in the bathtub with candles

Take a walk and just be present in nature

Buy your own flowers or plant

Buy yourself a box of chocolate

Toast yourself with a glass of champagne

Take a nap

Look in the mirror and acknowledge your worth

That is my short list…I will be doing at least 3-4 of these things before Valentine’s Day…I hope you do as well!!

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