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Countdown to Valentine’s Day-Day 6

I’m running a little behind on today’s blog. Saturday is my grocery shopping and cleaning day. We had a little burst of winter last night…but I can’t complain…it could be worse!

I want to talk about friends today. And I have some amazing ones that I’m very blessed to call friends. Last night was writing night with one of my author friends…I’ll refer to her as my garden witch friend…because she does some fantastic gardening. We are alike in so many ways but she is the ingenious one who is always willing to share her gardening tips.

I also have my patriot sisters who can be counted on to keep me up to date with all the crazy things going on in the world today. One even joined the writing ranks and contributed to Hope Harbor Anthology…all proceeds of which go to Operation Underground Railroad to help victims of sex trafficking. Then there are my Wild Deadwood author friends whom I met during Wild Deadwood Reads the first year I travelled there. Now we are partners in crime for several other events.

Friends are definitely the glue to hold a person together during struggles…whether it be gardening fiascos, manuscript fiascos, or personal struggles.

So don’t forget those “galentines” this year! Speaking of galentines…you should jump over to my author page on Facebook and join the party with 50 authors who are doing giveaways through the BIG day!

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