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Countdown to Valentines’s Day-Day 2

Good morning! As we count down the days to the big day…let’s talk about candy today. Or how about all sweets? I’m sure you all have your favorite…I know I do! I’m a dark chocolate sort of gal. With caramel and pecans. or how about some chocolate covered cherries…I like them too! As far as dessert goes when it comes to a romantic dinner, cheesecake has to be the winner. And I don’t care what kind, either. But I do have a favorite that I like to bake…chocolate amaretto with cherry sauce on top. You can’t eat a lot without getting sent into a sugar induced coma though. And if you’re in a sugar coma, you’ll miss out on the fun between the sheets later. Can’t have that!

Today I also want to introduce you to my new spokesperson…his name is Oscar…you can find him on my TikTok…so if you haven’t checked him out yet…you’re in for a cute surprise. And expect to hear a lot from him in the upcoming days because he has a lot to say! Have a great day!!

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