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Countdown to Valentines’s Day-Day 7

It’s a cold but sunny day here at the homestead. The chickens are feasting over old avocados and fresh spinach, the baby goats are playing, and Zeke the donkey is sharing some hay with his pasture mate. The billy goat is wandering around the yard and driving Kate crazy every time he looks in the patio doors. He’s so darn stubborn and refuses to stay inside the fence so he’s been sleeping in the greenhouse at night. So goes the drama here at home!

Today I think I’ll just share the goings on at the home of an author. How about that? Besides, I’ll still be writing about the things I love!

Even though it’s after 10 I’m still in my pajamas…but I’m running a nice hot bath and waiting for my laundry to dry while my best friend’s laundry is washing. I’ll run to the Dollar store in a little bit to get him some diet pop and fix up some Super Bowl munchies. The menu is crab cakes, jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks, and shredded steak and cheese sandwiches. You know…the keto friendly stuff since we are doing the keto thing again. I plan on getting some writing done…still hard at work cranking out pages for Deadly Vision which releases in May. It’s a different genre for me but I’m enjoying the challenge! And by the way…it will have a couple steamy scenes in it too!

Here‘s wishing you a fabulous Valentine‘s Day Eve and Super Bowl Sunday!

PS- Cupid’s Magick Kiss is FREE tomorrow on Amazon!!

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