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Difficulties with Casanova

Yesterday, I went to get a rooster to keep my hens happy. Hoping that maybe my two girls who are doing the walk of shame every evening from the neighbor's coop where a couple studly roosters reside will decide to stay home. Unfortunately, Casanova--as he's been dubbed--doesn't seem to care for my girls. He took one look at them and ran for the woods. Every so often, I'll see him sitting on the back porch or perched in the shelter by the woods, but even leaving a trail of chicken kibbles toward the coop have not coaxed him to the coop at all. You might say that Casanova has flown the coop. I guess I'll just have to be patient and hope at some point this afternoon he gets close enough that I can toss a blanket over him and lock him in the coop with the ladies so they can get to know each other properly. Stay tuned...

Today, I've been baking cookies and a pie. I think I am going to fix a shepherd's pie for dinner. Or maybe a meatloaf with potatoes. Not sure yet, I'll have to see if I have any special requests. In the meantime, I've been working on my first O'Reilly Clan book. We have the sexy head of O'Reilly Holdings who can read minds above other things, his younger brother who is a shape shifter...a wolf...who is starting a sheep farm...yes, you read that right. The heroine we will find has a couple talents such as manifestation and talking to animals. Come take a magickal visit to O'Reilly Manor on the edge of the cliffs in Western Ireland and learn all about the O'Reilly Clan.

As if I don't have enough to do, I signed up for an herbal medicine certification class and cannot wait to see what kind of concoctions I can put together this spring and summer. I'm not a proponent of modern pharmaceutical companies as I believe they don't create cures, they create customers. And they get rich doing it. Not to try to persuade anyone else to feel the same as I do, it's just how I feel, and anytime I can find a natural remedy for something, that's the direction I am going to go. Besides, I'm thinking that my next heroine will be a witch with natural healing abilities. But, that's for Book 2 of the O'Reilly Clan book.

I"m going to have to cut things short today, I really need to get to work on the book. But...I wanted to share that Rowena's Song is still on sale until February 12th and then you will be able to get Cupid's Magick Kiss for free over the week of Valentine's Day. And watch for my Valentine's newsletter...I have a surprise for that edition!

Have a wonderful week...I'm off to find Casanova!

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