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Eclipse Day Eve

So, tomorrow is the big eclipse day that I know a lot of people are waiting for. Me...not so much. I spent the last eclipse in 2017 in Oceanside, CA. Sure, it got a little bit dark and the little beach town was busy. But the biggest part for me was that night when the waves came in and rolloed up over the sea wall outside our little cottage. Now, that was cool. More cool than the few minutes of darkness.

This year, there are so many events planned all along the line of totality...which I happen to be in...and I could really not care at all. Oh sure, I'm going to worry about poor Kate the drama queen redbone because they are saying that if a dog doesn't like thunderstorms...they aren't going to like this. And that poor hound is a pacing mess during storms, fireworks, wind, pouring down rain, hail, gun get the picture...right? Maybe I would be better served to shift my hours tomorrow and work from 6-2 and come home to comfort Kate. In fact, that sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

Not sure why they have activated the National Guard in most of the states during this event. I don't remember that happening last time. Do they think this eclipse is going to make people go off their rockers and do bad things? I write this as I hear the theme song from True Blood go through my mind. Do they really think this influx of people is going to cause havoc? Are they going to empty the gas tanks and shelves at the stores? Who cuts things that short on their gasoline and groceries that they would actually starve in one day or end up sitting by the side of the road because they ran out of gasoline? Yes. I am being sarcastic. I think it's just our government instructing the media to fear monger. Perhaps they have something they want to pull off during the eclipse while everyone's attention is to the sun and moon. Who knows...

I went out and bought some eclipse manifestation spray. I guess it's too late to manifest that billion-dollar Powerball since someone in Oregon already won it this morning. But hey...I don't need a billion...a million would work fine for me. It would pay off everything and leave me with enough to retire and still be able to travel to Ireland once a year. So...manifest that!

Speaking of travel...I spent this morning checking airline tickets for Wild Deadwood Reads in South Dakota. I think I've found something halfway reasonable even though it means not getting into Deadwood until 11 at night and then having to leave at 6 am on Sunday after the event. It's the same schedule as the one I did last year. I guess for the price it's the best I can do unless I want to fly into Denver like I have in the past and drive up to Deadwood. I'm going to sit on it for a couple days before I decide.

Speaking of South Dakota...I read an article the other day about an underground city near the Black Hills. It's a city of bunkers that would keep the residents safe in case of an attack. A group of preppers live there, and it appears the cost of your basic bunker is really reasonable. They are very selective who they sell to...they want people who are able to contribute with various survival talents. Worth a thought...huh?

I bought a new 20 foot by 10-foot chicken enclosure that I need to get put together today. No more free-range chickens this summer. I got tired of running them out of my vegetable garden and flower beds last summer. And of course...tired of the chicken poop on everything! It's just a matter of putting the thing together and then moving the coop itself inside the new enclosure. Or maybe I move the coop first and build the enclosure around it. That would probably be the easiest way to go. Then I will be able to start putting mulch in my flower beds and planting my peas in the raised arched beds without having to worry about those fine feathered nuisances digging it all up.

I have a fantastic plan for the garden and beds this year. The "witch garden" out front will become my medicinal herb garden. The old strawberry tower will be for horehound and mint. I have berry bushes to plant along the fence where I used to plant my sunflowers. I'll be adding some more grapes to my arbor. I'm not sure where I'm going to plant my strawberry plants, but I'm thinking about putting them beneath the arched beds where they are somewhat protected by the arch itself. After reading what they spray on our fruits and vegetables we buy in the store, it's even more important to me now to grow as much as I can.

With all that said, work calls...but first...I need to grab something for lunch and get a shower. Have a wonderful week everyone...well...everyone but Visitor Number know who you are...stalker...move along...there's nothing to see here...yet anyway. Or maybe you just don't want to see...

Happy Eclipse Day!!

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