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Gardening, Intentions, Waxing Philosophical

I’m a day late on this, but in my defense, I’ve had a busy weekend. As soon as I got off Friday (after a very trying week at work), I ran to the salon and had a manicure and pedicure. There’s just something about those foot massages that put you in a better state of mind to toss the garbage of the week away and start fresh on the weekend. I think I was in bed by nine…but I woke up several times to a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. One of the drawbacks of being clairvoyant and empathic, you know something before you actually know something. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work in certain situations and I end up smacking myself in the head over a decision I made based upon someone’s words rather than my own gut feeling.

Saturday, I went to get the elevator and picked up 100# of chicken feed and was pleasantly surprised when I had no back pain whatsoever lifting the 50# bags into the back of my SUV. Just a little over a week since I had the cortisone injection in my back, and I feel almost as good as new. That means I can start getting things done around the house and garden for spring. I also went and hung out with my daughter and granddaughter a little bit and watched a couple episodes of a series on Netflix while they crocheted. Then, I got to see them again on Sunday when they popped in at my best friend's mother's house and we visited with her a little bit. I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and friends who have become like family in my life.

I had a nice surprise on Saturday evening, my ex’s daughter…I’ll just refer to her as my stepdaughter…easier that way and she refers to me as her stepmom…came to spend the night. The circumstances weren’t the best, because she was in town from Michigan to take her father to the hospital, but as of last evening he was doing much better. She and I had a good visit and chatted into the early morning hours. Once someone has been part of your life, they will always be part of your life. You can't erase the past or the memories and feelings which went with the past, even if you try. And honestly, when you share a piece of your life with someone, a part of you remains with that person as does a part of them with you. That's life.

Yesterday, I mixed up my super-charged potting soil for when I get ready to plant in the wicking tubs. All I have to do tonight is add the tub of kitchen compost I’ve been collecting and stir it all together. He put wicking tubs in my fenced garden a couple years back and things weren’t working well. So, I did some research and found a special mixture of soil additives that is recommended to put in the hole before you stick your plant in it. A wicking tub has about 10 inches of soil over a reservoir of water and you keep that water filled, the plant roots ‘wick’ down into the water and some of the gardens I’ve seen done this way on YouTube have fantastic yield. However, the fenced in area is close to some walnut trees and I’ve learned that there are only certain things that will grow out there. So, I’m planning accordingly this year and doing a new bed out front using a method called ‘cardboarding’ where you lay cardboard down and secure it late winter or early spring. This kills the weeds and grass beneath without using chemicals and creates additional mulch above the ground and doesn’t disturb the good soil below from over tilling. You add your garden soil above that. This is where I will plant a circle of sunflowers in the middle to provide protection for the pepper and tomato plants that I will put in a circle around the sunflowers and then add a border of marigolds to keep the pests out. I also need to add an additional ring to my strawberry tower and a ring to my herb bed to which I will add green calcite crystals for energy booster, clear quartz for fertile soil, rose quarts for positive loving power, amethyst for purity, moonstone for deep roots and balance and finally green aventurine for growth and vitality. I’m not only doing barefoot gardening this year, I’m doing intentional gardening this year.

During the week of April 10-14, 2023, I’m offering Ruby’s Revenge for free on Amazon. This book was inspired by a couple of mantras my best friend has beat into my head over the last 24 years. First of all, he’s always said ‘desperate people do desperate things’ and in Ruby’s Revenge, she certainly does do some pretty desperate things. Secondly, “the best revenge is living a good life”. Yes, Ruby does end up living a good life and as always, my books have a happy ending. I’ve also lived my life this way…there have been so many times I could have wreaked havoc to get revenge against someone for something…in fact, I’ve played scenarios over in my mind many times. But, I’m not desperate, so I refuse to do desperate things. Money doesn’t buy love and love isn’t being bought. There’s nothing greater in this life than knowing you have earned everything you have rather than having it handed to you on a silver platter by someone who had the means to do so. Because gifts like that come with consequences or attachments and generally have to be paid back by sacrificing something of yourself. Sometimes that something is merely being stuck in a situation you can’t get out of and accepting behaviors that you might not otherwise accepted. I guess I’m waxing philosophical today. Anyways, head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Ruby today! Here’s the link Ruby's Revenge - Kindle edition by Keefer, Teresa. Romance Kindle eBooks @

I’ve made some great progress on the first book of my upcoming Wheel of the Witch series. Samhain is Book 1 of the 8 books which will be in this series. I’m so thrilled with the first four covers too…so thrilled I decided to share them early. Each of the books will be titled as one of the pagan holidays on the wheel of the witch. Check back next week and I will be sharing the introduction to Samhain right here…for your eyes only!

Have a wonderful week!

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