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Groundhog Day? Imbolc?

Today is 2/2/22 and some of you are observing Groundhog Day while others are celebrating Imbolc. Either way…both in a sense represent the gateway to spring. Here in Indiana, we have been listening to the battle of the weathermen…will we get rain? Ice? 2” of snow or 22” of snow? Do they really know? What I do know is I spent the better portion of my evening prepping the outside critters for the worst. Hay bins are full…straw bedding is fresh…and the three little baby goats are snuggled in with their mamas. Not quite a week old, they need all the warmth they can get. I love my little farm but on days like this which where the weather is an unknown…it’s a huge worry. So let’s talk Imbolc for my Irish pagan friends. Imbolc marks the beginning of the lambing season and signals the beginning of spring. It is also the Festival of Brigid who is the goddess of fertility, and rules the fire of the hearth as well as the fire of imagination. The Celts celebrated Imbolc to honor the first stirrings of life after the long winter. One of the things I plan to do this evening is to plant my seeds of intention. What are my other friends planning to do? Well, I am pressed for time this morning so I’ll say “have a great day” and get back to my tasks at hand. And be sure to stop in as it gets closer to Valentine’s Day for some extra love!! Blessed Be.

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