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Happy 2022!!

Welcome to the New Year! It’s a rainy day here in northeast Indiana…I was just out feeding the animals and the chickens were settled inside their coop and the goats in the barn with Zeke the donkey poking his nose out. The dogs are finally chilling on the sofa with me…after leaving muddy paw prints all over my freshly mopped floor…it is a lost cause right now…I mean…how many times a day does one want to mop the floor? Not sure where the cats are hiding out…I imagine Halo is on top of the dryer and Lucky is on the bed. I have been enjoying my time off from the day job…I’ve read some books and watched some movies…did my first quarter planning…and now…with the first day of the new year…I’m starting crafting my new book. Not sure of a specific release date but I am thinking the second quarter of 2022. It is going to be a little more thriller/mystery and a little less romance and the idea has been poking me between the eyes for a couple of months now. So it’s time to get in it! Stay tuned right here for updates. I mentioned reading over this break, so i wanted to take a minute to tell you about a new author I found…and his book…which is right up there with Stephen King. In fact, I texted him and told him King had competition. If you are in the mood for edge of your seat…what’s going to happen next…run over to Amazon and grab Daniel Shawley’s F.O.R.B.U.S. I’m not completely done reading it but once I am, I will do a review on here. Again…stay tuned…and watch for my one on one interview with Daniel…

Another good read was The Becoming…Book 2 in Nora Roberts Dragonheart Legacy. Follow the story of Breen Siobhan and her journey to the world of her father and their quest to save all the worlds. I’ll be counting the days until Book 3 is released for sure. I also indulged in The Green Witch and Wicca Book of Spells…we will talk about these another time…if you believe in magick…

As far as movies…or rather…series…Yellowstone is in another fantastic season and now we have 1883 starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and the sexiest cowboy of all time…Sam Elliott. This series is full of the gritty and bloodthirsty old west. Okay…I need to get busy on this book…but here are some dates for you to keep in mind:

January 1-5: Coming Home-Free on Amazon

January 1-31: All 3 Possum Creek books on sale on Amazon

January 31: Valentines newsletter comes out

March 1-17: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration on my Facebook, in my newsletter and on my blog

April 9: Dreaming Dirty in Ann Arbor, MI so come see me if you‘re in the area

April 28-May 1: You will find me enjoying the activities of the Haunted Galena Conference

Until next time…

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