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Here’s Zeke!

Yesterday i got a new addition to the barnyard menagerie. This little fellow got my attention a couple months ago when I saw him standing atop the hay pile at a neighboring farm. Being me…I stopped and asked the farmer if he was going to sell the baby donkeys and he said he was. So, about three weeks ago he came down and told me he was ready to sell. I was down there the very next day after work with cash in hand. Only, I had to wait until my trips were over so I could give the little guy the attention he needs. Zeke hasn’t been worked with so it was a chore unloading him from the trailer. With his feet planted firmly in the mud…he gave new meaning to “stubborn as a mule”. But we finally got him in the pasture where the goats were curious at first then decided to bolt as far from him as they could. He’s very timid but I saw some progress this evening when he actually let me stroke him on the nose for about ten seconds after I plied him with some sweet feed. We will take it a day at a time. I’ve never met a four-legged creature I couldn’t make friends with. Even the neighbor’s cows come to the dividing fence and eat potato chips out of my hand. Just wanted to drop in and share Zeke with y’all on my blog tonight. November is NANOWRIMO so I’ll be in my writing cave most nights…but I’ll try to stop by at least a couple times this month. In the meantime, I have a couple books on sale…Wing and a Prayer as well as Ruby’s Revenge is only 99 cents this month. And if you want to check out some great sales…here are a couple links to fill your Kindle for the winter months..

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