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I’m Back from Deadwood!

What another awesome year at Wild Deadwood Reads! After some flight difficulty—flight delay out of Minneapolis—I arrived at The Lodge at Deadwood at 2 am Friday morning. That would be 4 am Indiana time…and considering my body has an automatic wake up time of 6 am…I was up at 4 am South Dakota time. Thank goodness for Celsius drinks!

We rolled downtown to Mr. Wu’s to meet THE Mr. Wu from the HBO Deadwood series and had free barbecue, spicy sausages, popcorn and $10 bottomless draft beers for lunch then did some shopping on Main Street. I picked up a couple horseshoe souvenirs which benefited the area horse rescue and grabbed me a nice hat. Then we were off to eat some ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop and scooted on down the street to watch part of the dock dogs’ competition. Those dogs are amazing! Later that evening before dinner, we went down to watch a photo shoot at the rodeo grounds then I feasted on a nice steak at Oggie’s Sports Bar at The Lodge. Did a little bit of gambling and walked away with about $15 more than I had to begin with.

Saturday was the book signing where I got to see a lot of old friends and meet some new ones. Got to wear my new hat and my special boots for the signing. Had a nice dinner with friends before I called it an early night since I had to leave the hotel for the airport at 4 am on Sunday.

So, it was back to normal life come Monday. Grocery shopping…check. Picking peas…check. Watering the garden…check. Cleaning the pool…check. All done after work in 95-degree heat for the most part. Today isn’t much better. But I’m not going to complain…it’s better than 20 below and snow…right?

Tonight, is a writing night. Hope to get some words in on my new anthology story for the upcoming Galena anthology and maybe even some words in on Watermelon Moonshine. We don’t have any events or pop-up markets again until July, so I’ll make good use of this down time to write like a crazy author!

Hope you all have a wonderful week…and watch soon for my blog post on Litha and my newsletter celebrating Independence Day!

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