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I’m Still Here!

I haven’t disappeared…I’ve just been busy on my new Christmas story! I figured I’d take a few minutes to stop in and say hello to those of you who have been busy stalking my website for a new blog entry. So here it is!

After several long weekends traveling and enjoying my autumn days, the day job has been very full. As a babysitter of adults, we’ve had a lot of hand holding as my wonderful employees have been delving into annual benefits enrollment. Then we have the upcoming turkey giveaway joined with employee surveys and ordering Christmas gifts. I figure by the time it all ends I will certainly be ready for the winter/holiday shut down. But it is already planned out that I will be working on yet another book for my readers to enjoy. Stay tuned…I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but I will be making an announcement about things to come. For those of you in the Michigan area, I’ll be on the road in April for my first 2022 book signing. Then it’s off to Deadwood in June for year 5 of Wild Deadwood Reads. And in the fall, we have the first annual Romantic Galena event which coincides with their ladies weekend. Oh! And then there’s the Haunted Galena Conference in April where I will just be a spectator. i have to say…one of the best things about being an author is that I get to travel and meet the awesome people who love books as much as me!

Of course, after our flight cancellations for our trip to Reno/Tahoe I have a significant credit on Southwest to use up. Where should I go? I’m taking suggestions!

Okay…it’s time for me to grab some dinner and climb back into my writing cave if I’m going to get The Magick Christmas Quilt finished in time!! Until next time…take care and have a wonderful November!!

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