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I Missed the Moon - Again!

I didn't really miss it...but I couldn't see it on Saturday night...because it was pouring down rain in Galena, IL where I was for Romantic Galena Reads this past weekend. If you stopped by to chat, thank you so's our readers who keep us doing what we do. And if I missed you, hopefully you will be able to attend one of the other book signings around the country in 2023. New Orleans, Deadwood, Galena, Salem, and Graceland...and there is still Wabash, IN in November of this year!

Saturday night was the Harvest full moon, so I am going to talk about reaping what you sow. Seems appropriate, right? I am mindful of this every time I want to get even with someone...because I know...I will reap what I sow. I remind myself...they will also reap what they sow. And that could be good or I try to do good in every aspect of my life regardless of how hurt or angered someone may make me. Because I know deep down in my soul, this will come back to them threefold. So, I have no need to get even or hit back with some petty action of emotion...because in the end...karma will do it for me. That deceitfulness, gloating, bragging, using others,

gold digging, etc. you know what I'm talking about...back at you... I prefer to do good things, it's a shame others don't.

In the last weeks, I have been mindful to at least once a week "pay it forward" and buy the person behind me in the drive thru line their meal. It's a nice thing to do for someone and I hope it made those folks feel a little better starting their day...because I always do it at breakfast. And if they thought it was weird for a stranger to buy their breakfast...okay...I'll own that too. Honestly, if there's something nice I can do for someone, I'm all for it. There's nothing better than doing something for someone and not expecting anything in return. What will you do today or tomorrow to make someone's day better or put a smile on their face?

On top of book writing, signing, traveling and etc. I am also diligently working on my other two websites. Do you have an interest in handmade items? If so, watch for the release of my Sunflower Acres site...just in time for your holiday shopping. How about those of you with an interest in spirituality, magick, paranormal? My Walking With Spirit will be up in time to read all about your spirit guides and what they do by the first week of October. You can even book a clairvoyant or oracle card reading with me. I'll announce the unveiling here on my blog and even have a discount available. Just don't forget, I will be out of touch from October 5-12 as my daughter and I travel around Ireland. But I will share updates on my author page on Facebook. Head over there and watch for it!

Well, my day job lunch break is I'm going to sign off for now, but not before I tell you that Blessed Be is on sale right now on Kindle for 99 cents through 9/19/22. That's in honor of my beautiful daughter who inspired my character Alana Summers who just celebrated a big birthday with all of us. She is truly beautiful inside and out...even though I'm a little prejudiced. We all had nice dinner at Naked Tchopstix in Fort Wayne with family and extended family. If you ever get up that way...their sushi coated with pop rocks was an interesting and tasty choice. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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