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Is It Spring Yet?

Goodness! I just realized it has been a couple weeks since I did the marathon V-Day blog series! You may ask where I’ve been…I’ve been busy working on Deadly Vision! This one is a little…or a lot…outside my usual book writing, so I’m doing a lot of research as I go. Research is one of those things that take me down the rabbit hole sometime…well…a lot. God forbid if anyone ever looks at my search history…they would wonder what I was plotting. Enough of that…let’s talk about spring…is it here yet? I spent a little time last evening perusing the seed catalogs and planning my garden. It’s supposed to be 60 here in Indiana this weekend and that means I can do some fertilizing. In other words…moving manure to the raised beds and the compost bins. If you want to see some ingenuity in raised beds you can head over to my new TikTok page (I’m takauthor over there) and there’s a clip of those beds.

I’m ready to work in my new greenhouse too. But first I have to get that horny old billy goat to take his butt back to his own house. He has been camping out in the greenhouse for two weeks now because he wants to be close to his does who are in their nursery with their babies. He is driving the chickens bonkers and he peeks in the patio doors and gets the dogs stirred up when I’m trying to write or watch TV. He is quite the character strutting around with his tongue out making obscene noises. Obnoxious AF. With spring also comes cleaning and planning for the upcoming travel season. Book signings, conferences, and possibly a fall trip to Ireland. Airfare is reasonable and I found a couple ocean/cliff view cottages to settle into for a few days…after sightseeing and pub crawling of course. Okay…gotta run for now…tonight is the new moon and it’s time to concoct a spell or two…

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