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It's A Rainy Weekend

I'm not going to complain. I needed the rain for my garden if I'm going to end up with veggies to can later in the season. So, instead of basking in the pool with a good book, I'm writing a good book and a short story. Then I'm going to work on a couple inside projects like recovering the stool I bought at the auction last week. I suppose I need to get some housework done too. Thankfully, I did the laundry yesterday so that's one task out of the way. Next week, I'm going to tackle cleaning out the kitchen cabinets to make room for my new dish set. I'm pretty excited about that, they are retro style with antique advertising on them. It's the little things, right?

It doesn't really seem like it's July already. Even though the neighboring farms have been setting off fireworks for days now. I sat out on the porch last night and watched the burst of light across the horizon to the south. Unfortunately, I have a dog that is petrified of storms, fireworks and gunshots...and we had all three yesterday. She spent her time between the dryer, the closet, the shower and tried to climb under the recliner. I always know when it's going to storm because I think she senses the change in pressure and starts pacing like the sky is going to fall right on top of her.

This afternoon I have an appointment out of town so while I'm there, I think I'll make a trip to the farm store. I really need to go to the elevator to get chicken feed because the hens have either quit laying or they're hiding their eggs somewhere. A search of the goat shelter did not turn up any, so I'm guessing it's the feed again. I guess the cracked corn isn't to their liking.

And...I took a break for my appointment. The sky looked like it was ready to cut loose, so I skipped the farm store but I did manage to grab suet and wild bird feed for my songbirds at the Dollar Store. At least the birds will be happy...tomorrow I'll make the chickens happy.

The baby goats are out in the pasture with their mama. They are so adorable and entertaining. The way they jump around and pounce on thing that aren't even there. I just wish they were a little bit more tame. Their daddy is friendly as all get out but their mama is skittish and I think every time I've had babies, they've taken after her demeanor. No matter how much I handle them, it doesn't seem to help.

We are all huddled in waiting for the next batch of storms to come through. I'll have to finish up the housework at some point, but that shouldn't take very long. Sweep, mop and dust and I'll be done. Maybe one of these days when I'm a NYT best selling author I can hire a maid to take care of the dreaded housework.

Well, I'm off to finish up this story for the Galena anthology...until next time! Have a wonderful Independence Day holiday!!

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