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Light and Dark

Today marks the first day of Mabon which is the Celtic celebration marking the autumnal equinox. In mythology, it is said that Mabon is the time when the God of Light was defeated by the God of Dark, which in turn leads to longer nights and shorter days. The Druids celebrated this time by honoring The Green Man or the God of the Forest by offering libations to the trees. Simplified, they gave the trees cider, wine, herbs and fertilizers. To this day, Druids still gather at Stonehenge to celebrate Mabon.

Tonight, I will be doing a simmer pot in my cast iron kettle. In my simmer pot, I will put cinnamon sticks, sweet anise, cloves, apples, oranges and I will write my wishes and blessings on bay leaves. Once this pot has simmered down to almost nothing, I will pour it at the base of my maple tree out front. You can do your own simmer pot in the same way. Bay leaves are used as a means to put your intentions out there for the universe to hear. And if you believe those intentions will come to fruition, so they will. In the universe's time...not yours...patience is a virtue my dears.

In addition, I am going to enjoy a nice cup of spiced cider with a dash of Fireball while I work on a Halloween story for an upcoming flash fiction event for my favorite holiday of the year. I don't want to tell you a lot about it, but let's just say...a very lucky witch is going to have a very special Samhain in my story. I hope you take the opportunity to follow along with our special group of authors bringing you their very own version of Halloween or Samhain.

I am two short weeks away from boarding that plane to Ireland. I've managed to learn a few Gaelic words and phrases, have my suitcase laying open and ready to pack, we have our tickets to the Jameson Distillery and the Leprechaun Museum, I have the pub picked out where I want to have my birthday dinner and a pint or two. And I believe while I am there, I will do some research for future books as well as looking into my ancestry. The most exciting thing is there will be a full moon while we are staying close to the Cliffs of Moher...what better place to get some photos than from the cliffs over the Atlantic...and I believe I have a pretty intense spell up my sleeve too...

This weekend it's time to make a trip to the orchard. I know...I already have 6 quarts of pie filling...but the "Black Crowes" have eaten two of my pumpkins that I bought to decorate for I need a couple more...and one can never have too much apple pie filling...right?

Here is wishing you all a very blessed Mabon, First Day of Autumn, Autumnal Equinox...whatever you observe or acknowledge.

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