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Magick is in the Air!

Oh. My. Goodness. This year Litha and the Strawberry Full Moon are coinciding which makes it a fantastic night to cast spells of abundance. Which is where you will find me once the sun goes down and the heat dissipates a little bit. Heck, my white candle would probably melt before I ever touch the match to it!

So…Litha…or the Summer Solstice…is actually a time to celebrate the power of the sun. Whether you are part of a group or a solitary practitioner…almost all rituals can be adapted to fit your needs. This particular sabbat honors the longest day of the year, and you definitely want to spend as much time as you can outside basking in the power of the sun. Even though it’s over 90 degrees here and higher in a lot of other places, there’s a thing called a pool (or lake, river, ocean) where you can bask in comfort.

Did you know the word solstice originates from the Latin “solstitium” which translates to “the sun stands still”? Virtually every early civilization celebrated this day, even though they honored a wide variety of gods and goddesses. Litha is the longest day of the year and is the exact opposite of Yule which is the shortest day of the year.

Since I focus my practice on Irish and Celtic tradition, I will speak to that now. Because the Celtic people of Ireland depended so much on agriculture, their celebrations were to encourage the abundance of fruit, vegetables, and livestock. There was feasting and dancing throughout the night until dawn to give thanks for prosperity in their crops and livestock. It was their means of survival and therefore, very important to them.

Modern Druids tend to take their formal celebrations to places such as Newgrange in County Meath (which is where my Wheel of the Witch series began). Newgrange is an ancient tomb predating even Stonehenge and the Pyramids where the entrance is aligned with the sun specifically during the summer and winter solstices. Other places where you might find Druid celebrations are the Hill of Tara or Carrowkeel where the stones there are astronomically aligned to the sun just like Newgrange.

Handfasting is also a significant component of Litha and this particular solstice. Perhaps that is why June has become known as the bridal month.

Now, let’s talk about the Strawberry Full Moon which is being lauded as the moon where you are able to harness its energy to cast spells of abundance and prosperity. Now remember, abundance and prosperity do not always mean money…it could be health, life, love, career, or whatever your heart desires. It’s all about putting your energy…your heart…your mind…your soul…into what you really want to manifest during this full moon. It is a time where you can successfully tap into your unlimited potential which we all have at our core. As you gather your supplies for spell casting, let your desire build so when you are ready to speak, sing or chant the words…every word is filled with your power. And don’t forget about setting your moon water out! I’m going to use mine when I make soap later this weekend.

No matter what your plans are these few days…be safe and mindful. Blessed be to each of you.

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